General, registration and payments
At the bottom of the screen there are icons which allow you can add your advertisement, check the status, or you can contact other users. At the top of the screen there is a user profile button and search filters.
In fact, you can send anything you want. However, it is not allowed to send items commonly considered prohibited in transport or use:

  • weapons and ammunition, military equipment and similar items,
  • drugs, narcotics,
  • dangerous goods of all classes,
  • perishable goods,
  • food whose transport is excluded or required by law to use of special means and transport devices,
  • waste, biological samples,
  • live or dead animals,
  • non-durable goods,
  • money, precious metals, jewelry, precious stones, works of art,
  • antiques, checks, credit cards, coins, stamp duty stamps,
  • all means of payment, (guarantee) securities, items
  • precious, bulk materials
  • all excise goods,
  • legally prohibited shipments.
Remember that by sending or transporting the above items you take responsibility for their condition, so we recommend taking a picture of the package before posting it.
Registration of each Flob user occurs the first time you open the application. After successfully creating a user account and logging in, you have the option to add an item's announcement for transport. The person carrying the package is additionally verified by the electronic payment system. All these activities are taken in order to provide the highest level of security for each party.
Yes you can. The earlier you place an ad, the more people will be able to give you a hand.
Yes, you can edit or cancel the advertisement from the application until it is paid for.
No, all payments are made electronically in the application.
Yes, you can pay for the package with your bank's card from every country. This method is fully integrated with the Flob application. Payment terms are available here.
You pay for the package only after you accept the person to transport your package. Place an advertisement is free of charge. After placing the advertisement, information about this is displayed to all Flobers in that the area. When you accept the particular person who volunteered to deliver your package in the next step you have the option of paying for transport through the module integrated with Flob Payments – Stripe.
Thanks to the support of a reliable Stripe electronic payment service provider, your money will be on your account in just 7 days.
As all payments are made electronically, we issue all payment confirmations electronically in accordance with applicable law. Receiving an invoice is possible after contacting our customer service office.
Transporter, contact and delivery
If you want to give someone a package, you must register using our application on the Stripe payment service. You provide your data (name, surname, account number) which will be stored by a reputable international Stripe payment operator. After a short verification of your data by the payment operator, your transporter's account is ready! To receive transfers, you must additionally verify your details by placing on your Stripe account an additional document confirming your personal data (driving license, ID card, passport).
Verification may take 24 hours, but in practice it takes several minutes. You do this only once in the Stripe panel and your account number is verified automatically.
The payment details on Stripe are verified immediately.
You do not have to, but it is recommended to smoothly agree on the details. Otherwise, you can get along with the help of the messenger available in the application, in which, after paying for the transport and until the delivery of the parcel, there is the possibility of communication between the sender and the transporter.
Don't hesitate to call or write via Flob to the transporter. During delivery, you can always call to find out details or provide valuable tips.
In the application, you indicate the place of delivery. The person authorized to pick up must be indicated by you.
No, the process will end only when the transporter enters the package delivery code into the application, which he will receive from the sender or the person receiving the package after it has been successfully delivered.
After confirming the receipt of the package from you in the application, a special code necessary to deliver the package will be generated and sent to your account and the email address provided. Give this code to the person who has been designated to pick up the package. The recipient will give it to the courier, without entering the code, the courier will not deliver the package.
Yes of course. It doesn't matter if you're traveling by train, car, bicycle or public transport: you can always take something along the way.
Moving and packaging
Flob is not a freight exchange and is primarily used by private individuals. But if someone wants to help you, why not!
Yes, by all means, for this you choose the size of transport that you think is necessary to transport your belongings. You can also arrange a removal for you from A to B.
Yes, you have the option of moving a house requiring more trips from A to B. However, remember to include this information in the description of your transport offer and adjust the price accordingly.
It depends what you send and how you get along with the transporter. However, we recommend that you secure the item being shipped so that it is not damaged during transport.
Yes, you can send an item of any shape, weight and size. We recommend to properly secure it for transport, e.g. stretch film.
If you have not found the answer to your question in the FAQ, please contact us by email!