Rules for the use of cookies and other similar technologies 

Valid from 10 June 2020 

The rules determine how cookies and other similar technologies are used by Axeline 24 Group sp. z o.o. with the registered office in Marcinkowice in order to provide electronic services to Flob Users. They are an integral part of the applicable privacy policy, and thus the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Definitions

    1. The controller, also referred to as Axeline, is Axeline 24 Group spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością based in Marcinkowice (55-200) at ul. Orzechowa 9, Tax Number NIP: 9121926787, REGON: 381053047, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Wrocław-Fabryczna in Wrocław, VI Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the KRS number 0000745262.

    1. The application is mobile application Flob, through which Axeline provides services to Users. 

    1. Cookies are small files that are automatically created and stored on the User's device. They are sent to the Controller’s server each time the application is used. They are encrypted so that unauthorized persons are unable to access them. Cookies provide the User with the ability to use the functions of the app and remember their preferences regarding the method of using it. They facilitate Axeline to carry out ongoing optimization of services.
      A cookie file usually contains: IP address, type of operating system, time of visit. It does not include data directly identifying the User.

    1. Other similar technologies, also referred to as other technologies, such as cookies, provide the User with the possibility of using the functions of the app and enable Axeline to provide top quality services through it. 

    1. Device is an electronic device, in particular a smartphone or tablet, by means of which the User is able to use the application. 

    1. User is any person who uses the application in any way. 

  1. How and for what purpose do we use cookies and other similar technologies?

    1. Some cookies used by Axeline in the application, called session cookies, are deleted when the User ends the session in the application, i.e. after logging out of the application by the User. Other cookies, called persistent cookies, are stored on the User's device and allow the Controller to recognize the User's preferences the next time the application is used.

    2. Axeline uses cookies and other similar technologies to ensure the proper functioning of the application and the effective provision of services to Users. Axeline uses them in particular for the following purposes:

Security: cookies ensure that the security functions used in the application are working effectively, including those that guarantee the confidentiality of User’s data. 

Authentication: the cookies allow for identification of the logged-in User and correct configuration of the contents of the application tailored to the User. 

Functionality: cookies allow to tailor the services, functions and contents of the application to the User’s needs and preferences.

Location: cookies allow the User to receive information consistent with their location. 

Analytics: cookies give the Controller the opportunity to test whether the application is working correctly, how Users use it, and to create statistics on application traffic. As a result, Axeline can constantly improve its services.

Commercial:  cookies show advertisements tailored to the User’s interests and check whether the User has visited the advertiser's website after viewing them.

    1. The Controller stores information for the indicated purposes for the time appropriate for specific cookies or until the User deletes cookies.

  1. Use of cookies and other similar technologies by external entities

    1. The application uses cookies and other similar third party technologies. They provide functionalities that serve its proper operation and effective provision of services to Users.

    2. The website uses cookies and other technologies, in particular:

Google: to allow Users to register and log in using a Gmail account.

Google Analytics: to monitor application traffic and the range of services provided by Axeline through it.

Google Maps: to enable Users to use the website services for picking up, transporting and receiving packages.

Facebook: to enable Users to register and log in through an account on this website.

SMS API: to send text messages to Users' phone numbers for verification purposes. 

  1. User's consent 

Information that the website uses cookies and other similar technologies appears during registration in the mobile application.

  1. Cookie settings 

    1. The User can:

      1. in Android: manage cookies and delete them in the device settings regarding the application,

      2. on iOS: delete cookies by uninstalling the application from the device and reinstalling it.

    1. Changing cookie settings may cause that some functions of the application will stop working or will not work properly. 

  1. Law 

The rules are subject to Polish law.

  1. Contact

In matters regarding the above rules, the User may contact the Controller by email using the address or via the form available in the application.